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Pure soy wax wooden wick candles, hand poured in High River by local cult classic @Temper+Lace. 


These candles use phthalate + paraben free fragrance oils or pure essential oils, offering the cleanest burning candles on the market.  Their fragrances are never overpowering, but offer a lovely, light scent to gently fragrance your home.  Their wooden wicks come from FSC certified mills, and the soy wax is made right here in Canada, never blended with  paraffin, additives, or preservatives.  All offer a 70+ hour burn time.  Hand poured with love.


Choose from these gorgeous fragrances:


Sweet - Gardenia. Nectarine. Lush Greens.

Shy - Cloudberry. Iris. Spun Sugar.

Ciao - Prosecco. Pink Peony. Lychee.

Glow - Papaya. Mango. Coconut.

Soak - Sea Salt. Jasmine. Driftwood.

Blossom - White Linen. Jasmine. Pear.

Tulips - Tulips. Cotton. Cashmere.

Bouquet - Rose. Magnolia. Gardenia.



Temper + Lace Soy Candle

  • Care information

    Insider tips direct from Temper + Lace to get the most from your hand poured candles - The first burn is the most important.

    Before the first light, give the wick a little trim about 1/4" above the wax.  The wicks are wood + untreated - so they need a little help to get going.  We recommend using a BBQ lighter + leaving it on the wick for about 20-30 seconds to get it going. The wick might not catch right away (just like when you light a bonfire!)... but keep trying until you see a strong flame.

    Make sure you let your candle burn for at least 1 hour to allow the wax to melt evenly across the entire candle. This will allow the candle to burn beautifully + evenly every time you light it. If you don't - you might end up with a candle that tunnels... and nobody likes that!

    Trim those wicks!

    Be sure to break off the burnt pieces before each re-light. This helps your wick have a strong burn + allows the wax to melt evenly every time. This is super important - don't forget!

    Keep your candle out of reach from kiddos + fur babies.

    And finally... Burn on a heat safe surface + away from drafts.

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