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VaVa Who?

"The Earth laughs in flowers"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson - 

Here at VaVa Bloom, we believe that flowers can add a certain VaVa to any occasion. 

Life is full of reasons to celebrate, to dance, and to cherish. 

We want to spread colour and joy through our affordable and unique floral designs here in Calgary, Alberta.

Let us put our passion into action!

We have a deep appreciation of Mother Nature here at VaVa Bloom.  Throughout our entire process, we strive to limit our impact as much as possible.  We compost or recycle absolutely everything we can, we use rain water barrels in spring/summer, and have chosen to use energy efficient appliances and Eco products.

We use Eco Fresh Bouquet wrapping to deliver our bouquets, which is 100% biodegradable.  Once you receive your flowers, you can compost the 100% biodegradable wrapping and of course, the flowers themselves once they have reached their lifespan. 


2022-01-25 14.51.48.jpg
2022-05-09 15.59.48.jpg
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